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The focus of LUAX software is research and evaluation, as well as implementation of economic and technical software.
Our main business includes consulting and software solutions for other Start-ups, research institutes and SMEs.

The product portfolio contains server and database management, applications for mobile devices, web applications, desktop applications, automated data processing and the establishment of interfaces.
Another task is the implementation of new mathematical algorithms and software packages, as well as data processing and management in national and international collaborative projects in research and development.
LUAX established his reputation as a competent and reliable supplier of innovative “Intelligent Transport Systems” (ITS).

The personal passion of the staff of LUAX is geoinformatics.
We bring a wealth of experience in dealing with spatial databases, spatial data processing and visualization of spatial data on any media.
Thus LUAX software is an expert for local-oriented services and the representation of geographical information on interactive maps for web services and mobile devices.

Your own web application

Companies and projects requiring a highly professional web presence with an attractive and user-friendly design of the user interface. Again, there are no limits. You can choose from simple linked websites to the most complex web applications with user and data management, mail service, online shops, automated content generation and many more.

We implement your web site using the latest animation technologies and developing with Java, JavaScript, JQuery, GWT, HTML5, CSS, CSS Transitions, skeleton and PHP.
LUAX software provides you with unique designs and layout concepts as a basis for discussion. We create image processing, icons and graphics according to your needs.

Your own application on a map

We create your own personal map application. Whether a simple map or your own routing service.
The future of the popular information technology is displaying location-based data in real-time. Therefore LUAX is specialized on new technologies and recent development.
LUAX has its own map-control libraries and display information on maps for web applications on all major browsers and smartphone applications. Rapid project implementation is ensure.

LUAX has its own libraries for maps and location-based information display control for web applications on all major browsers and mobile operating systems. So we can also ensure rapid project implementation.
Examples of already realized projects can be found on our project page.

Map applications

We design individual solutions to visualize location-based data. Whether as a display for browsers and mobile applications or as a complete geographic information system.
Map visualizations reveal relationships, tables and graphs can hardly represent. Geo-visualisations allow the users of Web sites and applications a whole new level of interaction and understanding of the particular product.
Depending on your needs, we visualize data based on the Google Map API, free Open Street Map (OSM) or your own map data for applications according to your wishes.

Map Appearance
In addition to the content that you can choose freely, you can also determine the look of the map. Any colors or shapes are possible. It is up to you.
We support you in your decisions and advise you with our expertise gained over many years to display geographic information. We also offer you suggestions about different applications.

Storing the map data
Data storage technology has improved dramatically in the past couple of years. We offer you Postgre, MySQL or Oracle databases to store your personal data. These include all the information which is visible on the map.

Review and analysis of map data
We check data on usability and consistency. This could be the statistical analysis of map data, like completeness of attributes or the spatial distribution of attributes, but also qualitative analyzes of the data.
We also verify data. This includes, for example, the detection of topological inconsistencies or other defects that prevent the best use of the map.
We can visualize the results of the analysis by a variety of ways, in diagrams or maps directly.

Map Optimization
After analyzing the data we provide to optimize the map. We resolve topological inconsistencies and correct errors in the map.
We also customize the map to suit your personal needs like data attributes, spatial reference filter etc.
We can also directly render the map and display any map application.
( e.g. for smartphones and other mobile devices )

*Formatting *
We create maps from any original format in a target format that you define. This can be e.g. a simple output to a text file or an export to the popular ESRI Shapefile format. You decide!

ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems

Our experience in the field of traffic telematics helps to settle the traffic in a efficient, environmentally and safe way.
Our goal is to use existing infrastructures optimally, to inform traffic participants comprehensively and to control traffic selectively and dynamically.

Detailed and current traffic information based on telematics should encourage the transition to ecological transport, thus supporting transport and environmental policy objectives.

Real time data
Due to our many years of experience with real-time applications, it is possible for us to develop maps which visualize real-time based data.
This area is suitable for public transport, transport companies, police and fire departments, as well as insurance and other industries.

For our projects we implemented following features for web and mobile interfaces:

Routing, route description, print version

POI search, city / street / postcode search

Traffic reports in TPEG format

Level of Service Calculation due Floating Car Data / Floating Phone Data

Level of Service indicator for each road segment

Public transport routing, public transport routes display, public transport route description

Reliability of traffic information per map segment

Traffic measurement data display of induction loops, traffic cameras and airborne data

Simulated data display for predicted traffic information

Representing and identifying operational areas, routes or standby rooms

Display of designated route monitoring with alarm functions

Representation of the access from a position or to a position

Visualization and tracking of GPS-based fleet vehicles such as cars, bicycles, planes and helicopters

Creation and display of changes in a digital road map

Visualization of conditioned air images as a layer on a digital map

Software solutions

Software, online presence, social media and apps are important elements for small businesses, mid-sized companies and major corporations.
But not everyone can afford an IT department or use them profitably.
Right here LUAX software comes into play to plan, produce and maintain reliable and competent IT for your company.

As a provider of turnkey solutions, we prove our power with individual system adjustments, project management, consulting and support by highly qualified personnel.
We set up server with free open source technologies such as Linux, Apache, Tomcat and PHP and maintain them. The server are hardened and secured against unwanted access.

LUAX creates professional databases and data processing services according to your exact needs. Afterwards we maintain and automate database administration. Here again we are pleased to offer software solutions through free, open source technologies such as Java, Hibernate, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSql and PostGIS.

We complement your data processing services and mail services and establish automated communication with servers and databases through Java Servlet, PHP or XML technologies.

Almost every IT project needs a web interface with an attractive and user-friendly design.
Again, there is no limit for your wishes.

From basic linked websites to the most complex web applications with user and data management, mail service, online shops, automated content generation – it up to you.
We implement and complement your web presence through cutting-edge animation and development technologies like Java, Javascript, JQuery, GWT, HTML5, CSS, CSS Transitions, Skeleton and PHP.
You want to hop on the train of time and provide mobile solutions?
Then feel free to contact us. We build tailored applications for Android, I-OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Smartphone applications for Android, I-Phone and Windows Mobile

Your personal App

App development is a large business sector in the LUAX portfolio. Apps in the narrow sense are distinguished in that they can be specifically tailored to the target platform and very easily obtained and installed through a proprietary online portal.
We develop smartphone Apps according to your wishes. Whether map based, with databases and server/web API`s or just a simple text tool, your idea is in best hands.

LUAX develops Apps for all Android smartphones, tablets and of course the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The operating system Android is the open source answer to the iPhone OS and is gaining in market power.
But what is behind the App market? How can you reach the maximum with your idea?
Or how can internal operations be supported by smartphones?

We have the answers to your questions.

Our Services

Intelligente Verkehrssysteme
Webapplikationen und Online-Portale
Map- und Echtzeitapplikationen

We will consult you in handling all likely problems and software solutions already before starting the project. Therefore we provide you with an overview of current software technologies, their capacity and resulting costs. Through years of experience in research projects we’re able to create innovative ideas and to give confidential ratings about feasibility and resulting efforts of yet not approved technical processes.

Project strategy
In order to create a programme for an appropriate software, research or a common project, we define the project objectives according to your wishes. According to your aim we evaluate the base data and organize their acquisitions. With the generated background and targets, we determine the accurate procedure and develop a detailed time management.

Research and tests
After the assessment of the strategy and the collection of the data set, the research period begins. In this phase, we define mathematical methods for the innovative project targets. The resulting algorithms are implemented and tested by us. If necessary we’ll create new test datasets, then verify all functions and adjust eventual available parameters of the new procedures.
Realisation and implementation
After the debugging and the first auditing of results we develop complete software packages and installation programs. Basic data as well as incoming information during the runtime can be organized in a database, if necessary. In this case, design and functionality of user interfaces will be compiled as well. According to requirements we implement individual software, web applications for visualization in common web browsers including pages and smart phone applications (Android, Iphone or WinMobile) for the presentation on mobile end devices.
Of course, we also manage and install database and web servers for the systems demands. Generally we recommend the organisation and implementation with open source software like Eclipse, Java, Linux, MySQL, OpenOffice and Apache.

We compare the results with reference data or manual collected example data. For the presentation of discrepancies and outcome we calculate statistical quantifications in the end. The developed system will be checked for weak points (i.e. false data entries), performance (computing power and transfer rate from data income to the graphical output and storing in the data base), compatibility (browser, operating systems) and processor load (i.e. parallel sign in of many clients) will be reviewed.
Development know-how and software acknowledgement :

• C, C#, ObjC, .net
• Java, Visual Java, Java Servlets
• Perl, Python, Turbo Pascal
• Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSql, PostGIS, SQLite
• JavaScript, GWT, PHP, JQuery
• Android & Iphone Entwicklung, JavaME
• Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator
• Apache, Tomcat

METRASYS - Sustainable Mobility for Megacities

The Project METRASYS – Sustainable Mobility for Megacities is one of ten projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the scientific program “ Research for Sustainable Development of the Mega Cities of Tomorrow – Energy and Climate Efficient Structures in Urban Growth Centres” With the topic of mobility and transportation in its focus, the project deals with one of the most exigent problems of current and future mega cities and metropolitan regions.

The METRASYS project concentrates on Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, China. In close cooperation with the Chinese local partners, the German project partners are going to analyze the current planning processes for the city development and transportation. Regular workshops, presentations and lectures provide a platform to develop a common understanding of the current planning situation in Hefei. Furthermore, the cooperation of the Chinese and German partners will be the basis for the development of a traffic management system. The traffic management system will be one part of a sustainable planning process including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a method of the emission trade, for the development of sustainable mobility in Hefei.

The project has two phases with different focus: phase 1 (2006-2008) on orientation and project planning, phase 2 (2009-2013) on development and realization. The picture above shows two versions of an On Board Unit with the Traffic Viewer software, which have been developed for this project. These will be used in police cars, taxis and buses.

More info:


JoinJack is a real time based web portal with an interactive map and a calendar of events, which are located in Germany.

For this purpose, you can simply select a city and the period of time in which you want to do something. JoinJack displays on a digital map where and what happens at the selected time.
Organizers of culture, art, gastronomy, sports and nightlife can advertise free of charge for their events.
All information about each event can be retrieved at the touch of a button.
In addition, public transport and many other information can be displayed.

The event information data of the JoinJack portal come from various interfaces to nationwide event databases.
Also, an Facebook API has been set up in order to import own Facebook events simply and directly in the JoinJack calendar.
The map was generated from the data of the free geographical database Open Street Map.
Therefore LUAX used its own rendering algorithm to design the interface of the map as user-friendly as possible.

Just move the image below with your finger or mouse or look at the whole project on

EmerT - Emergency mobility of rescue forces and regular Traffic

The road system is a critical infrastructure. Failure and disorders have significant effects on the supply of the population with goods and services. Also, police, fire and rescue services are dependent on the road network.
The engineering team LUAX developed in collaboration with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) a new web application for the VABENE subproject EmerT “Emergency rescue mobility of forces and regular traffic”.
The basis of all functionalities is a birdeye-view over local traffic situation, which is based on current traffic and infrastructure data. The traffic data is taken from traffic sensors of municipalities and states (eg, inductive loops on motorways).
The use of logistics is complemented by other features such as directions, route monitoring, evaluation or staging area accessibility analysis. The system allows the user to capture the current traffic situation quickly, assess it and take appropriate action. Operational control can act rather than react.
Possible examples:

Selection of a suitable operation area

Open spaces can be identified and analyzed via airborne monitoring.
Supplemented by information from the current and expected traffic situation around the potential staging area the squad leader can incorporate traffic issues in his assessment of the space.

According to the decision, the selected area is entered into the system. There it is immediately visible to other relevant users.

Monitoring of the current traffic situation

Police and transport authorities can directly take measures to enable a smooth operation in the selected area.
Important routes, eg a major highway section can be continuously monitored by the Emert system.
The system alerts you when the traveling time on this route exceeds a threshold.

Selection of rescue forces

With the help of the Emert system, operational control can choose the appropriate units depending on their distance to the operation area.
The system displays the current travel time of the respective units to their targets.

Additionally the route recommendation is available to the operator.
This route recommendation is based on the Emert system and is matched with the operation conditions.
The position of the unit is continuously displayed on the digital map and the operation management is forthwith informed about the estimated time of arrival.

More info hier

Offline Night and Day

Offline night and day is an Android app with detailed offline maps of German cities.
Unlike many other providers, the app offers the additional option to display a variety of information in offline mode.

These include daily events in clubs, bars, museums and art exhibitions, as well as travel-specific needs such as catering, accommodation, petrol stations, ATMs, etc.
The app includes the following features:

• Maps, points of interest and search options in offline mode

• User-friendly interface with different zoom levels

• Easy search for streets and places

• Uncomplicated routing thanks to Google Navigation interface

• Autocompletion of keywords in the input mode

• Display of public transport

• Easy search for events through various filter options

• Screen layout also perfect for Android tablets

• Local search for places such as restaurants, museums, theaters, hotels, cafes, pubs, sights AND their information in offline mode

• Real-time event calendar. Once downloaded event data for a period of time, all data is always available in offline mode

Click here for more information:

Value App

The Value app for Android tablets has been developed specifically for the Deval Entwickeln + Bewerten GmbH, a German real estate valuation company.

Property viewings can be documented and saved with this quick and easy application.
After achieving a wireless LAN network, all made visits can be uploaded to a central server unit. There, all previously collected and provided information about each property object is stored in a database.
These can be exported at any time via a web interface as a summary table of the entire portfolio or individual property documentation.

Optimized for six to twelve inch tablets, the app includes a central management of all still visible objects and completed visits.
Here, individual records can be determined. In addition, all subjects for new objects can be assumed.
The crucial feature is the user interface for the creation of photo documentation.
This way, any new images can be integrated and already existing images can be uploaded. In addition, images can be sorted, processed and documented. Once uploaded to server into database, a completed photo documentation is available in the .pdf and .docx format.

LUAX software was able to implement this limited time “emergency project” within of 12 days and put it into production operation.

This complete package included a hardened and secure Linux server backend with web server and online interfaces to the Android app, a MySql database and software for data processing and database maintenance and an Android application which can be used without any prior knowledge thanks to a user interface based on intuition.


InterfaceMA is a Berlin based startup whose core business is in the area of automated assessment and location-oriented presentation of real estate portfolios.

LUAX software is commissioned with a software solution for servers, databases, interfaces, web applications and backends on mobile devices. Progressing software solutions which have been already created for the Deval Entwickeln + Bewerten GmbH will further be developed and implemented in this project.
Purpose of the project is to develop a software that completely automates certain evaluation processes with its own database management for geo-referenced objects.

Further, the valued real estate objects are located on a digital map by using the kml format so that all relevant information of an object is available at a glance and complete real estate holdings can be visualized depending on location.
Especially in Germany similar methods, which solve such tasks automatically online or via mobile device, are not available yet.

REMON - Real Time Monitoring of Urban Transport - Solutions for Traffic Management and Urban Development in Hanoi

Rapid urbanisation and the increasing size of metropolitan regions proof to be serious challenges for urban transport and urban planning. Like many other cities in development countries, Hanoi suffers severe traffic congestion due to its rapid urbanisation and the booming motorisation since the early 1990s. The rapid urban growth of Hanoi and the increasing size of the metropolitan region cause a series of difficulties in urban development, urban planning and urban management: air pollution, noise and environmental pollution, soild and liquid waste management, traffic jams, flooding.

The basic idea of the REMON project is to track and detect traffic flows in real time via two methods: Floating Car Data (FCD) and Floating Phone Data (FPD). This raw data will be turned into information for various applications: from informing road users of the current traffic situation on each street to controlling and managing traffic as well as long-term planning efforts and measures to solve traffic problems.

The project has different approaches for the reduction of pollution, emissions, and energy consumption. The primary objective is to optimize the traffic flows and thus to achieve the reductions. Primarily, the FCD/FPD system is responsible for the optimization as the system measures traffic speeds and allows to calculate traffic flows and visualize them.

By analyzing the data, it is possible to identify bottlenecks and to implement traffic management measures as well as traffic information. In addition to those short-term measures, the project also aims at long-term approaches in urban and transport planning process. The project team will use the data for the analysis of urban and transport planning related measures. In particular, the analysis of historical/long-term FCD and FPD data is meant to indicate potential for the better use of resources in transport and urban planning. Especially infrastructure such as roads or the localization of public institutions (e.g. schools, hospitals) has long-term effects on traffic flows and thus on emissions and energy consumption which are difficult to revise

The work of LUAX is based on the latest development and software technologies:

• Server and Web Server installation and maintenance with Ubuntu Linux, Tomcat and Apache.

• Database Management with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

• Web and interface development with Java, JQuery, GWT, Java Script and PHP.

• Applications for mobile devices with Android SDK, I-OS Objective C and Windows Mobile.

• Data Processing with Java,. NET, MS Office and other software products.

• Spatial data visualization and traffic simulation using Visa, Quantum GIS and JOSM

More info:

Projects (Selection)

Nacht & Tag
Value App

Whether transport research or property valuation, location-based event calendar or online calculator for financial service, basic web portal or turnkey IT solution – LUAX software implements projects from various areas and would like to give you a glimpse of the performance range.

Here you will find a selection of recent projects where LUAX software is responsible for development, planning and implementation.

Please select a project honeycomb for detailed information about each project.


Here you can find a selection of our partners and customers.

Research Centre for Software Engineering Technology Anhui Province, China

Das Büro AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH verbindet innovative Ansätze in Architektur, Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung mit über vierzigjähriger, internationaler Planungs- und Bauerfahrung. Die Projekte reichen von Hochbau, Stadtplanung, Städtebau und Regionalentwicklung über Freizeit- und Tourismusplanung, konzeptionelle Verkehrsplanung und Projektmanagement bis hin zur planerischen Vorbereitung von Großveranstaltungen sowie Gutachten zur Politikberatung.

Das DLR ist das Forschungszentrum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland für Luft- und Raumfahrt. Seine Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten in Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt, Energie, Verkehr und Sicherheit sind in nationale und internationale Kooperationen eingebunden. Darüber hinaus ist das DLR im Auftrag der Bundesregierung für die Planung und Umsetzung der deutschen Raumfahrtaktivitäten zuständig.

Fraunhofer FOKUS entwickelt als neutrale Forschungseinrichtung Lösungen für die Kommunikationssysteme der Zukunft. Das Berliner Institut erforscht, welchen Beitrag Kommunikationsnetze leisten müssen, um das Zusammenleben komfortabler und sicherer zu gestalten und adressiert dabei wichtige Herausforderungen der gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung.

Seit über 25 Jahren unterstützt die Rudolf Pichlmayr Stiftung Kinder,
Jugendliche und ihre Familien vor und nach einer Organtransplantation.

Die Freie Universität Berlin gehört zu den wissenschaftlichen Top-Adressen. Sie zählt zu den deutschen Hochschulen, die in der Exzellenzinitiative des Bundes und der Länder in allen drei Förderlinien erfolgreich abgeschnitten haben und deren Exzellenz-Zukunftskonzepte gefördert werden.

Die Internationale Akademie für Innovative Pädagogik und Ökonomie gGmbH (INA) an der Freien Universität Berlin wurde 1996 von Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Zimmer und weiteren Gesellschaftern gegründet. Die INA führt Entwicklungs-, Praxis- und Forschungsprojekte sowie Fort- und Weiterbildungen durch. In der INA haben sich Institutionen, Gruppen und Personen zusammengeschlossen, die seit vielen Jahren in ihren jeweiligen Disziplinen erfolgreich arbeiten, aber auch die Notwendigkeit erkannt haben, über die Grenzen ihrer Wissenschaft hinaus zu forschen und zu lehren.

Der geschäftlichen Kernbereich des Berliner StartUps liegt in der automatisierten Bewertung- und ortsorientierter Darstellung von Immobilienbeständen.

Die newCOMer GmbH ist einer der innovativsten Hersteller von Internet-Software-Systemen. Das Produktspektrum reicht vom Internet Content Management System (CMS) über Lohnsteuerberechnung für Windows, Palm und Internet bis hin zu hochkomplexer Software zur betriebswirtschaftlichen Steuerung von Unternehmen.

Transport Development and Strategy Institute
Ministry of Transport of Vietnam

Die TU Darmstadt konzentriert sich auf ausgewählte, hoch relevante Problemfelder. Technik steht an der TU Darmstadt im Fokus aller Disziplinen. Naturwissenschaften sowie Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften arbeiten dabei mit den Ingenieurwissenschaften eng zusammen.

University of Transport and Communication
Hanoi, Vietnam

Die Value AG agiert als freie Sachverständigengesellschaft unabhängig von Banken, Bauträgern, Maklern oder Versicherungsgesellschaften.

The Vietnamese-German University is designed to meet international standards and to set regional benchmarks – education, research and innovation have been established and are constantly improved.

Das Wuppertal Institut erforscht und entwickelt Leitbilder, Strategien und Instrumente für Übergänge zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung auf regionaler, nationaler und internationaler Ebene. Im Zentrum stehen Ressourcen-, Klima- und Energieherausforderungen in ihren Wechselwirkungen mit Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Die Analyse und Induzierung von Innovationen zur Entkopplung von Naturverbrauch und Wohlstandsentwicklung bilden einen Schwerpunkt seiner Forschung.



Luax individualMAP is an exclusive production of the current Berlin city plan under the consideration of design and functionality. Custom rendered and custom built, this artwork represents the symbiosis between the city, your business location and your corporate identity. This high-quality and highly tear-resistant design in 300 dpi Frontlit print is perfectly suitable for e.g reception rooms, architectural offices or customer areas.

At a scale of 1:8250 the IndividualMAP can be made up to maximum dimension of 370 cm x 260 cm. To maintain good proportions LUAX recommends the following sizes: 140 cm by 240 cm – This size includes the S Bahn Ring Berlin and is ideal for eg presentation purposes. 220 cm by 360 cm – Ideal to represent all exterior areas in Berlin at a glance.

As experts in georendering we adapt Berlin to your personal needs. You decide! The Spree is your spree. Depending on the request, you determine the color of water, your prefered locations and the surrounding points and places of your interest.

Loading Preview …

The fields of application are multifaceted. For instance, complete real estate inventory can be highlighted on the map by geospatial requests. Keep track of your portfolios, your stores and subsidiaries and your customers! The individualMAP can be customized extensively with any company logos and icons without overlapping it`s content. Desired routes, tracks and building outlines can be displayed in different colors, thicknesses and transparencies. Ideal for urban planning offices, tourism and transport researchers!

Do you have any questions or want more information? Don’ t hesitate to contact us!


interfaceMA GmbH, Projekt Luax Software | Büro 2.0 Weigandufer 45 | 12059 Berlin
Please write us a message!


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